Anchors Group is a boutique emerging markets investment management group of companies primarily focused on the Asia-Pacific, Australia, North America and Greater China regions.  Since its inception, the Group has worked with entrepreneurs and family offices to create industry-leading businesses in a variety of sectors including mixed-use development projects, which embraces hotel, offices, apartments, malls, elderly home, rehabilitation hospitals, technology related projects and the like.

安佳思集團是一家專注於亞太地區、澳大利亞、北美和大中華區的精品新興市場投資管理集團公司。 自成立以來,集團一直與企業家和家庭辦公室合作,在包括酒店、辦公室、公寓、商場、老年之家、康復醫院、科技相關等在內的多個領域創建行業領先的企業,包括綜合用途開發專案。  

Hotels.  Real Estate.  Capital. Securitization. Tech. 

酒店.  地產.  金融.  証券化. 科技

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